Water seepage stopper (Huff Festival)


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Water seepage stopper (Huff Festival)

I mainly committed to the sale of gas pipe fittings: T-type ductile iron pipe fittings K-type ductile iron pipe fittings pipe flexible telescopic pipe leakage protectors and various pipe repair fittings and water supply and drainage pump station pipe fittings Main sales of four categories of more than 1000 kinds of ductile pipe fittings (specifications for DN80-2000) Products are widely used in water conservancy, chemical industry and municipal construction projects, such as water, oil, gas and sewage discharge projects The pipe fittings produced and sold are smooth in appearance, uniform in wall thickness, defect-free in interior and convenient to install Product implementation: ISO2531EN545EN598GB/T13295, etc. can also customize various special-shaped pipe fittings and non-standard pipe fittings according to customer requirements.